Thursday, 12 July 2012

Task 3/3

Photo of WLW's Sound Effects Department
Radio drama script writing Kissing Cousins

Well folks I took a break
I simply had to recuperate.
Now off we go to the biggest task;
The radio drama to come unmasked.
We write footsteps and door openings
cooking meals and restful sleep.
Aye writing these not to be seen,
there are only for those listening.
Drama for ears
with action not seen but solely heard.
Strike a mood with tone and pitch,
volume and the slightest lisp.
Draw the tension with a well placed
"dum dum dummm!"
sound effects became my best friend.
And "excessive" action my greatest foe
How does one write a bored shrug for the ear?
How does one write a small smile with flair?
Writing a pornography-induced orgasm
without the use of a Narrator's care?
The challenge was met
the job is done.
Finally I can say the task is NONE.