Thursday, 14 June 2012

Quality Production with Limited Resources

Hey guys today we will be talking about Video Production.

and Action!
Image from Behind the Scenes of Casual
The project we will focus on to bring across key points is Casual a webisode series that is based on the 'casual' relationship between "a Guy and a Girl".  This series is an outstanding example of how having 'limited' resources does not put a limit on quality.

Casual has a few strengths that every video needs. These are:
One added bonus:
  • Beauty-Full locations

In the words of the Director, Jay Diaz and Cinematographer, Tony Joun the shooting style was "dirty" or "guerrilla" to portray a realism or feel of the audience spying on the relationship.

The production has been described as "low budget" with a lot of:

In spite of these limitations the quality of the series cannot be denied just watch this series trailer and you too will get sucked into the the drama of Casual. 

After the critical acclaim of Casual the series it was made into a feature film and is now on the Film Festival Circuit!


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