Sunday, 24 June 2012

Task 1/3

Screenwriting Kissing Cousins
It's just shy the hour of eight
my final assignment I see
I feel its time for me to watch
so I can begin writing.
A simple task it seems to me
it can be fin in no time.
The title risqué, the samples possible
little did I know I'd die inside.
A watch in awe the story unfold
from beginning to end.
Then I sit to undertake
the writing without pen.
At once up straight, at twice reclined, trice I am on my back.
I turn over and close my eyes, drifting through the night.
That is until the clock struck 1 and sleep I could no more.
"Rise," the task said to me "and tackle now for sure".
So up I sit to undertake the simple task ahead.
I listen and I transcribe words
rough draft is at an end.
Good now I start to write the film
to interest and grab
I catch myself I'm struggling
the words cannot be had.
Push on because after-all this is the easy part
just wait until you've shots to take
or words for ears and hearts.
The task is through
I've overcome
only this part is done.

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