Thursday, 7 June 2012


Good Night all :D

Welcome to this brand, spanking, shiny, new blog.  Really quickly just so you know what we will be doing here; I will outline the Aim of the blog, the Inspiration behind the blog, and a little bit About me.  Not sure if the time of publication will be shown so I will say it is now 03:06 hours and I am so pumped about this soooo, lets go!

Inform people interested in the Media (social and mass) on some key principles that will give their work the edge over the competition.  The emphases will be on:

  • Video production 
  • Audio production
  • Creative writing
  • Plot development

and geared toward students of the craft, teachers of the craft, and producers of the craft.  The very concept of New Media is unlocked right here because knowledge is not just for the people with money for school.

NewMedia Origins

"Enjoy work: Maximize the time spent doing non-schoolwork relating things."

About me:
I am a student.  I am pursuing a bachelors degree in Communication and I have had countless hours of experience doing television and radio production.  I also have a vlog on YouTube and voraciously use social networking sites.  What else qualifies me to disseminate information like a big know-it-all?  Drive.  Desire. Inspiration.  An awareness of where new media is and can go; I just want to push for everyone to have all the opportunities I have so this industry can benefit.

So that is it.  Next time we will be learning and I will be sharing my nuggets.


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