Saturday, 9 June 2012

Making Mass Media Social (Part 2/2)

Welcome back

Today we will continue the process of converting newspaper articles (mass media) to blog posts (social media).  To see the previous post please click this link.

The second pick is the Jamaica Gleaner's Entertainment article titled "50 of Caribbean's Best Designers on Show" published Saturday June 9.

Things we saw happen in the previous post:
  • The story is a lot shorter.  
  • Some of the information was cut for continuity between title and content.  
  • A video of the race was added. 
To judge effectiveness of the changes simply ask yourself the question; which story interested you more?

The Choices

Social media is online.  It is mostly unlimited access to information.  This contrasts with buying a newspaper or sitting to watch an entire newscast.  As a consequence to easy access to specific information the person who uses social media must grab the attention of viewers instantly.  In order to keep their attention the must be able to get all the information they want and be interested!

Now I will attempt to grab and keep your attention by making today's article more Internet friendly.

50 of Caribbean's Best Designers on Show

Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW), originated by Pulse Model Agency, is celebrating its 12th year by showcasing 50 of the region's best designers.  Why 50?  This year, 2012, will mark the 50th year of Independence for Jamaica as well as Trinidad and Tobago; the two countries which have contributed the most to CFW.  Ultra-talented designers like the Cedella Marley, Meiling, Mushroom, Mutanga, Tiger Lilly, The Cloth, and Pulse's very own Nell Robinson will be sending their works down the CFW runway.

This year they have brought in international recording artists Brian McKnight, Estelle, Konshens and many more.

CFW is a calendar event that has focused the world of fashion and international attention on the region while generating business for Caribbean designers.  

CFW has longstanding partnerships with other regional professionals to bring about an event that is being described is "amazing"!  Is there any question of where you'll be this weekend?

For more information visit PulseFashionJa on Facebook or Twitter.


Again, which is your preferred source of information? This blog post or the original newspaper article?  Integration of the different platforms; video/audio/images or social networks is what gives this execution of media the edge, Use it!



  1. I say the blog. Loved the layout and choice of words.

    1. Thank you. lol it's a task to be teaching principles as well as ensuring that I execute them but I am happy with the way this blog is going. I also loved this topic and had so much fun researching for it. Keep reading ;)

  2. oh and as a huge fan of modelling, I extremely loved this topic