Sunday, 24 June 2012

Task 2/3

Photo by LiveByTheSun
Double Column script writing Kissing Cousins
I'll tell you what concerns me
I'll tell it to you quick
Headings, titles, common terms
the syntax of the script!
Under exam conditions
I cannot ask for help
disadvantaged due to shoddy software
in class my presence went unfelt.
Imagine being in cage
pushing at your bounds
trying to communicate and make your thoughts be known.
Now imagine that you're not at all
in a position to
the picture now is shown.
Each line a frame
you call the shots
you compose, you tell the story
through the camera lens.
Frame by frame was hard
but I had a template--
FOLLOW is a word I hope never to see again.
With diligence and patience
this I did get through.
Sadly friends, we are now
only at part 2.

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