Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Advertising Using Social Media

Today we will talk about the awesome advertising opportunities that are online.

Traditional advertising has been making products and businesses known for the past 400-odd years, and it works.

How much attention do you pay to these signs anyway?
* television commercials
* radio commercials
* newspaper advertisements
* magazine advertisements
* flyers
* billboards ...

But with the public becoming more educated about inflated, misleading advertising tactics used -- how long will they continue to influence?

The beauty of the internet is information at your fingertips. Social Media allows search engines like Google and Bing to give you the opportunity to find what you want as well as reviews sites like Yelp and Angie's List that help you to know beforehand the quality of the products you want. These cannot be done if you simply see a product on TV and walk into a store to purchase.

Benefits to the consumer (That's YOU!)

* You get the product you want not what the business wants to sell you.
* You get reviews of the product from industry experts, other customers and your trusted friends.
* Business are forced to ensure a quality product or they will get bad reviews.
* You are not misled.

Businesses that understand these concepts have decentralized to reach their customers on the Internet. One very ingenious business that will be featured today is Acute Boutique.

This business based in Jamaica did not allow limitations. They are the "fashionable angle that caters to people who want current fashions and set fashionable trends." But how did they become this? Their store is wholly online with a Facebook and Twitter account.

The business structure allows:

* casual browsing by anyone online
* easy word of mouth advertising
* reviews from customers beside each article of clothing or shoes
* serious customers can call or email the store
* the store comes to you at a time of your convenience for fitting and delivery

The business model works! I hope you have been inspired to get your message out there using social media.


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