Saturday, 23 June 2012

Internet In Moderation

Today we'll discuss some of the pitfalls of Social Media.  In the previous post there I encouraged the use of the Internet and all its resources for getting your business and products out there.  In this post I guard against getting so wrapped up in the Inter-webs that you begin to forget and overlook people.

Our featured video is "I Just Texted to Say I Love You" by Elliott Yamin.  The title really does say it all!

When people begin to fully exploit the Internet and join the social communities online our "tech obsessed culture does everything possible to avoid face-to-face interaction". 

If you are a disciplined, organized person you will ensure that time spent on the internet is balanced with time spent being active and making human contact.  If you are like me then here are some proven pointers to 

Help You Moderate the Time Spent Online:

  • Be honest; look at how your time is spent and evaluate whether you need to limit your Internet usage
  • Prioritize your time; set reasonable limit on how much time you want to spend online
  • Write lists; know what needs to be done online and do them before you get distracted
  • Stick to your time limits!

The fact is that you are going to have to make the changes yourself and no one can control your time for you.  A very good software that can help you keep track of your time spent online is RescueTime.  Spot inefficiencies in your day and become better at self managing by signing up for free to take ensure everything you do is in moderation. 


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